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The Debt

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I have a movie recommendation for you. "The Debt." I like the psychology of it. It seemed true to life without being predictable.


The short version of the plot: three individuals try to kidnap a doctor who was formerly a Nazi so he can stand trial in Israel. I don't know if it's a true story or not. I enjoyed it enough to give it a 7 or 8 out of 10. Few movies I watch garner an 8.


The intro is a little difficult because it's one of those films that show you a scene from later on in the movie, and then proceed with the rest of the story leading up to that event.  


If you don't mind that, definitely give it a go. But be forewarned, it's heavy duty drama. Nobody's laughing in this one.




A good blog is hard to find

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Hey all. All three of you that actually read this, who'm I kidding.

Found a blog I can't say enough about. It's funny and well-written. Give it a spin.

I renew my commitment to post every Monday. Charles Haun said to rededicate yourself as often as necessary. Taking his advice.

Movie review: Letters to God

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I watched “Letters to God” today. Don't worry, I won't give the plot away. The story is about a kid with cancer. The kid takes at least his name from an actual kid who dealt with the same thing. It was preachy and there were a couple moving performances. I can't help wanting Christian media that wrestles with hard issues without being so darn preachy. I mean somebody doesn't have to get saved in every story. There's more to the Christian experience than that. I'm sure there are people writing the kind of work I'm looking for, I'm just not in touch with any of them. What we're seeing these days may be a good move in the right direction.


Then there's this whole thing of portraying characters that model ideal behavior versus showing characters that mirror reality. Not sure how to hold that in tension in a balanced way. Let's face it, Christians are far from perfect individuals. The Bible is unapologetic about this, is far from sentimental about people's faults, and doesn't always condemn bad behavior immediately after it happens. Our media need to catch up (to an ancient book that we consider our primary text, mind you).


That said, I think Christian media needs to be supported by us if we ever want to see changes like this. Yes, if we rent it, it tells the makers we want more preachy stuff like this. But how can they get off the ground if they have no money to do so? We have to rent (or buy) and let our voices be heard, telling them we want more from our movies. "We," that is, if anyone agrees with me.